Wondering Why Your Oven Display is Faded, Dim or Unreadable?

Wondering Why Your Oven Display is Faded, Dim or Unreadable?

ABR Team
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Symptoms of Display Problems

Your oven beeps, clicks and heats, but you can't see what you are doing! Frustrating! Some are so bad, you can't read the clock accurately. This is a common problem with older ovens that use vacuum fluorescent displays (VFD).

Hard to Set The Correct Temperature

The difference between a perfectly cooked pizza and a black, burned crunchy one can be 50 degrees. When the display starts to fade, it can be easy to confuse numbers like '3' and '8'. 435 °F versus 485 °F is enough to ruin your meal.

Factory Fresh Displays are Available.

Most boards that arrive have displays that are still bright, and we can get your controller 100% functional and working like new within a couple of days. If your display is suffering from this fade, as is common with Thermador, Electrolux and General Electric ovens that are over 15 years, fear not! We have custom displays ready to go, barely increasing the time repair.

Is a New Display Part of the Standard Rebuild?

No, most controllers we see still have displays that are bright so we don't replace the displays. This helps us keep our costs low and our prices well below our competitors.

Why do Vacuum Fluorescent Displays Fade?

Each tube in a VFD has a phosphor coated anode that is bombarded by electrons emitted from the cathode filament. This is very well explained on wikipedia.  Light output drops over time due to falling emission and reduction of phosphor efficiency. In summary, it's some pretty neat physics that makes these displays illuminate, but also makes them eventually fade without being able to be repaired.

Does it Make Sense to Repair an Oven Controller?

Yes, without a doubt.  Most of the time, there are circuit failures other than the display. Sometimes there are circuit failures and the display is dim. Either way, control board repair from a professional reputable company will make your controller work perfectly and give your oven a second life.


Contact a Professional?


Hire a good appliance technician if you feel like you need help troubleshooting your oven. Once you have isolated your problem to the control board,  look for a reputable online service, such as Appliance Board Repair. Send us your oven board in the mail, and we will repair and send the board back to you.

The oven is only down for a few days, depending on the chosen shipping speed. You also save on trip costs, labor and time lost from your job. For most households, using an online service is much better than a service call.

Don't remain frustrated with a dim display.  Contact Appliance Board Repair today.   

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