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Oven Control Board Part: 8186024

Whirlpool Electric range

Alternate part numbers for this part and model
AP3177932 | 961211 | B008DJXRIC | AH734569 | PS734569 | B008DJXTUS | 4452900 | EA734569 | B004XL32D4 | B008DJYWI6 | 4452892 | 4453193 | 4451854 | 4551854
This is the correct repair service for any of the parts listed above. This board also works in multiple models, check the model list below or click models that use this control board
Control Board Repair
$140.00plus shipping
Includes the following:
  • Diagnosis
  • Repair
  • One year warranty
How the repair process works
Find the part you want repaired and click the SELECT FOR REPAIR button
Mail your broken part to our repair facility. After you checkout we will provide you with an address and shipping label depending on the shipping option you choose at checkout
Once we receive your part we will diagnose and repair any issues we find.
After your part is repaired and thoroughly tested, we will mail it back to you. (The repair process usually takes 2 to 3 business days)
After the repair process, we will follow up to make sure everything is in working order
Any additional questions, concerns or comments? Let us help, email us at info@applianceboardrepair.com or give us a call 800-507-2016
General Information
If you are experiencing any of the symptoms below and have ruled out the possible alternative causes, then your oven control board should be inspected. If you are experiencing any symptom not listed, please don't hesitate to email an inquiry - your control board could still be at fault.
Common Symptoms of Failed Control Boards
  • "Dead" Oven
  • Your oven display will not show anything
  • Your oven may shut off during use
  • You cannot control the oven
  • You may have trouble controlling the temperature
  • Your oven will not heat
  • The oven door will get stuck in lock position
Whirlpool/KitchenAid Error Codes
F1 and variants - these error codes may also be caused by a faulty touchpad or ribbon cable.
  • F1 E1
  • F1 E2
  • F1 E3
  • F1 E4
  • F1 E5
F2 and variants - these error codes may also be caused by a faulty touchpad or ribbon cable.
  • F2 E0
  • F2 E1
  • F2 E5
  • F2 E6
F3 and variants - these error codes may also be caused by faulty temperature sensors or oven wiring.
  • F3 E0
  • F3 E2
F5 and variants - these error codes may be caused by faulty oven door latch/lock mechanisms or oven wiring.
  • F5 E1
General Electric/Dacor/Other Error Codes
  • F0, F1 or F7 - these error codes may be caused by a faulty oven touchpad or ribbon cable.
  • F2, F3, F4 - these error codes may be caused by faulty oven temperature sensors or oven wiring.
  • F5 or F6 - these error codes may also be caused by faulty oven door latch/lock mechanisms or oven wiring.
  • U43 or L43 (Dacor only) - Relay board failure.
Oven model numbers that use this control board
  • 8RBS245PDQ1
  • GBS277PDB3
  • GBS277PDB4
  • GBS277PDB5
  • GBS277PDB6
  • GBS277PDB7
  • GBS277PDB8
  • GBS277PDQ3
  • GBS277PDQ4
  • GBS277PDQ5
  • GBS277PDQ6
  • GBS277PDQ7
  • GBS277PDQ8
  • GBS277PDS3
  • GBS277PDS4
  • GBS277PDS5
  • GBS277PDS6
  • GBS277PDS7
  • GBS277PDS8
  • GBS277PDT3
  • GBS277PDT5
  • GBS277PDT6
  • GBS277PDT7
  • GBS277PDT8
  • GBS307PDB3
  • GBS307PDB4
  • GBS307PDB5
  • GBS307PDB6
  • GBS307PDB7
  • GBS307PDB8
  • GBS307PDQ4
  • GBS307PDQ5
  • GBS307PDQ6
  • GBS307PDQ7
  • GBS307PDQ8
  • GBS307PDS3
  • GBS307PDS4
  • GBS307PDS5
  • GBS307PDS6
  • GBS307PDS7
  • GBS307PDS8
  • GBS307PDT3
  • GBS307PDT4
  • GBS307PDT5
  • GBS307PDT6
  • GBS307PDT7
  • GBS307PDT8
  • RBS245PDB10
  • RBS245PDB11
  • RBS245PDB12
  • RBS245PDB13
  • RBS245PDB8
  • RBS245PDB9
  • RBS245PDQ10
  • RBS245PDQ11
  • RBS245PDQ12
  • RBS245PDQ13
  • RBS245PDQ8
  • RBS245PDQ9
  • RBS245PDS12
  • RBS245PDT10
  • RBS245PDT11
  • RBS245PDT12
  • RBS245PDT13
  • RBS245PDT8
  • RBS245PDT9
  • RBS275PDB10
  • RBS275PDB11
  • RBS275PDB12
  • RBS275PDB13
  • RBS275PDB8
  • RBS275PDB9
  • RBS275PDQ10
  • RBS275PDQ11
  • RBS275PDQ12
  • RBS275PDQ13
  • RBS275PDQ8
  • RBS275PDQ9
  • RBS275PDS12
  • RBS275PDT10
  • RBS275PDT11
  • RBS275PDT12
  • RBS275PDT13
  • RBS305PDB10
  • RBS305PDB11
  • RBS305PDB12
  • RBS305PDB13
  • RBS305PDB8
  • RBS305PDB9
  • RBS305PDQ10
  • RBS305PDQ11
  • RBS305PDQ12
  • RBS305PDQ13
  • RBS305PDQ8
  • RBS305PDQ9
  • RBS305PDS12
  • RBS305PDT10
  • RBS305PDT11
  • RBS305PDT12
  • RBS305PDT13
  • RBS305PDT8
  • RBS305PDT9
  • RBS305PDZ10
  • RBS305PDZ8
  • RBS305PDZ9
  • RS610PXGN1
  • RS610PXGN2
  • RS610PXGN3
  • RS610PXGV2
  • RS610PXGV3
  • RS610PXGV7
  • RS610PXGV8
  • RS610PXGW1
  • RS610PXGW2
  • RS610PXGW3
  • RS610PXGW7
  • RS610PXGW8
  • RS610PXHW1
  • RS675PXGB4
  • RS675PXGB5
  • RS675PXGB6
  • RS675PXGB7
  • RS675PXGB8
  • RS675PXGB9
  • RS675PXGQ4
  • RS675PXGQ5
  • RS675PXGQ6
  • RS675PXGQ7
  • RS675PXGQ8
  • RS675PXGQ9
  • RS675PXGT5
  • RS675PXGT7
  • RS675PXGT8
  • RS675PXGT9
  • RS675PXGZ4
  • RS675PXGZ5
  • RS675PXGZ6
  • RS696PXGB4
  • RS696PXGB5
  • RS696PXGB6
  • RS696PXGB7
  • RS696PXGB8
  • RS696PXGB9
  • RS696PXGQ4
  • RS696PXGQ5
  • RS696PXGQ6
  • RS696PXGQ7
  • RS696PXGQ8
  • RS696PXGQ9
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you sell new control boards?
Unfortunately the manufacturers no longer make these control boards, our goal is to provide a repair service to save you money so you don't have to buy a new appliance.
How long does the whole process take?
Answer 1:
Once the board arrives at our facility, it will take 2-3 days for us to repair and test the board. We will return it to you via USPS Priority Mail which is a 2-3 day shipping service. Depending on the service you choose to send us the board, the total turn around time is generally 9-10 days.
Answer 2:
If you choose UPS Ground, that can take upwards of 5 days transit time depending on where you are in the country. We are in Austin, TX
Answer 3:
You can also choose 'Custom Shipping' and pay just $140 during checkout. You will then get a form with our address which you can reference to make your own shipping label. USPS Priority Mail is usually the best priced 2-3 day service from anywhere in the country.
How do I know if a control board repair is what I need?
If your oven is showing any of the symptoms above, there's a good chance your control board has failed. If you have more questions please feel free to send an inquiry or give us a call 800-507-2016.
What if I send a board to you and it is not reparable, or it is not the problem?
Answer 1:
If we receive a board that is damaged beyond repair, we will refund you the $140 service price. If you want the board back, you will have to pay for the return shipping (which can be subtracted from the refund)
Answer 2:
If we receive a board that is fully functional and suspect the problem to be elsewhere in the appliance, we charge a $40 Diagnostic fee plus return shipping to send the board back. We will refund you the difference between that total and the $140 service price, and help you troubleshoot the actual problem.
Do you offer a warranty on your repairs?
All of our repairs are backed by a 1 year warranty, if your board fails again within that period it will be repaired at no cost.
I see here that the price is $140 + shipping, and that there is a UPS label price added on during checkout. Is that price for shipping both ways? Or will I also have to pay for the return shipping?
You pay for the price of inbound shipping to our facility. The return shipping to you is included in the $140 service price.
I can't find my part listed on your site. Can you repair it?
Please send an email to info@applianceboardrepair.com that includes the model number of your appliance and a description of your problem.