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How to Know if it's Time to Replace My Oven or Repair it

If your oven is giving you trouble, the whole house will know.
Nothing’s worse than burnt food or delayed mealtimes because of a faulty oven.
But before you yank your range from the wall and hurl it out the front door, there might be a chance to salvage what you have.
At Appliance Board Repair we see all kinds of oven issues, and for most an oven control board repair is all that’s needed to get things back into working condition.
As a homeowner, however, you likely don’t have the time to research whether a replacement or repair is the right fit.
So, we’ve broken things down for you.
Here are a few oven problems you might be facing and how to decide if a replacement or a repair is the best path forward.

You Have Trouble Heating Your Oven to The Proper Temperature—Repair or Replace

Most often, ovens have trouble heating because of a faulty igniter for a gas oven or a bad heating element in an electric one.
If you find that your gas burners and oven both are no longer working, all signs point to a gas line problem. And throwing out your perfectly good oven will do no good.
Call a professional to repair it.
For an electric oven, you might need a new oven control board repair and our wpw10438750 model might do the job.
Give us a call to see if this is the right option for you.

It’s Over 15 Years Old and the professionals know it cannot be repaired —Replace It!

The best ovens will last for years, approximately 15 to 20 years.
If your oven is suffering from problem after problem, you're consulted with a professional repair company and they've confirmed it cannot be repaired, then it’s time to consider replacing it. This goes for both gas and electric stoves.


It Makes Weird Noises—Repair It!

Ovens that function properly make zero noise. Of course, some noise doesn’t mean it’s time to toss it out, either. 

Ticks, buzzing, and scratching noises likely mean you have a faulty or loose part. If you hear them, turn off your oven and give an appliance repair company a call. The first step is an inspection, so be ready for a house call.

You have Trouble Lighting Your Gas Oven—Repair It!

If you have a gas oven, this could be a life-threatening situation. Broken gas ovens that won’t like could point to a carbon monoxide leak. Be sure to contact a professional if your oven isn’t lighting, because the cause could be broken switch or lack of oxygen.

Your Oven Door Gets Stuck—Repair It!

Logic would reason that you can’t use an oven that won’t open.
So, what should you do?
Believe it or not, the problem may lie in your oven control board, and you might just need a replacement part like our 318010102 model.
Contact us to see if this is the right fit for your oven.

Making The Decision To Repair or Replace Your Oven

Ultimately, whether you decide to repair or replace your unit is completely up to you. Some folks simply don’t like using an appliance that’s broken down on them before. But if you like to save money and reuse perfectly good appliances, our money’s on repairing it first.
If you have any questions about your oven, we are more than happy to help. Shoot us a message with your question and we’ll get back to you quickly.

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  • Are you currently accepting boards for repair?

  • My Whirlpool double wall oven has stopped working. The control board will not light up or respond to anything. It has power. The light comes on and it beeps when I push buttons. It is 13 or 14 years old. Is it worth having it repaired or should I just replace it?
  • Our 14.5 year-old Kenmore Elite dual fuel slide-in range Model #790.46629503 failed over New Year's.  The normal clock display is flashing an orange 'PF' error code and the oven light is also flashing.  Naturally, none of the oven functions work.  Oven temperature probe was replaced last August.  Does this sound like an EOC failure?  How much to repair?

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