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A Solution for keypad failures

The BoardFruit LinkBox

 Introducing a simple, high-tech solution to your home appliance needs


ApplianceBoardRepair.com & BoardFruit, Inc. Partnership

We have partnered together to bring more solutions to people experiencing appliance breaking issues. The BoardFruit LinkBox is now available through ApplianceBoardRepair.com.

How it works

The BoardFruit LinkBox consists of a small electronic module that is controlled by a mobile application. The electronic module readily installs into your appliance alongside the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) control board. This module relays commands from the mobile application to the control.

That's it - the same control you've always had at your fingertips, even as your hands move freely about the kitchen.

For more information visit our partner BoardFruit, Inc.

Why you might need it

The BoardFruit LinkBox is a solution that will allow you to keep using your oven when you have a keypad failure. Simply install a small module alongside your existing controller and the appliance will perform just as it always has, except now it's controlled by a brand new tablet.

The obvious case: your OEM control panel stopped working. The BoardFruit LinkBox is often the only solution to this problem aside from replacing the entire appliance. 

The less obvious case: help usher in the new era of smart home tech. The LinkBox is just the beginning of a line of BoardFruit products that will enable anybody to update their home as it stands to be on the same footing as the fancy new appliances coming out in 2019.

Does it work for everybody?

We're developing mobile device and tablet interfaces for each model we come across, while we may not have your model ready at the moment we will develop it by request. Shoot us an email at info@applianceboardrepair.com and we'll see what we can cook up.

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